Hedgehog Awareness Week 2020 (3rd May -9th May)

Hedgehog Awareness Week 2020

Hedgehog Awareness Week runs from 3rd – 9th May 2020 and hedgehoggy events are being organised all around the country!

Hedgehog Awareness Week is organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) and takes place every year.  It aims to highlight the problems hedgehogs face and how you can help them. This year the Charity is asking people to talk to their neighbours! Try to make the whole street hedgehog friendly by talking to at least 5 other people in your area, ask them to join up habitat with CD Case sized Hedgehog Highways in the bottom of fences and walls.

There are many simple things we can all do to help hedgehogs:

  • Create a log pile that will offer shelter and food
  • Build a Hedgehog Home (see plans at https://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/hedgehog-homes/)
  • Move piles of rubbish to a new site before burning it.
  • Check areas carefully before mowing or strimming.
  • Ensure netting is kept at a safe height.
  • Check compost heaps before digging the fork in.
  • Stop or reduce the amount of pesticides and poisons used.
  • Cover drains or deep holes.
  • Ensure there is an easy route out of ponds & pools.

BHPS Chief Executive, Fay Vass, said 
“Our gardens take up such a lot of habitat, and by getting together with neighbours to ensure hedgehogs have access points and hedgehog friendly features in the garden, we can open up a really useful amount of habitat for them.  You could become a Hedgehog Champion for your area at Hedgehog Street – a project run by BHPS and our partners People’s Trust for Endangered Species.  Join 70,000 Champions by signing up at www.hedgehogstreet.org – there’s even a Hedgehog Street app you can download from The App Store or Google Play!

BHPS is hoping to raise £2,000 during Hedgehog Awareness Week 2020,
You can donate to the 2020 #hedgehogweek appeal at:

Leaflets and posters are available on our website or we can post copies out on request.

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all 23 universities who just achieved Bronze Hedgehog Friendly Campus Accreditation in our Hedgehog Friendly Campus project! Onwards to Silver now! It's not too late to join in!

Posted by British Hedgehog Preservation Society on Tuesday, 21 January 2020


to all universities achieving their Bronze accreditation for 2019/2020 – onwards to Silver now! If you would like to get your campus involved please find out more by emailing info@hedgehogfriendlycampus.co.uk.

The following Universities have achieved Bronze Accreditation (2019/2020):

Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Essex, Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, Gloucestershire, Keele, Kent, Lancaster, Lincoln, Liverpool, Loughborough, Northampton, Northumbria, Roehampton, Sheffield, Surrey, University of East Anglia, UWE Bristol, Winchester, Worcester, York, York St John


BHPS announces partnership with Bovis Homes to help hedgehogs.

Housebuilder launches industry-first hedgehog campaign to protect creatures under threat

A national housebuilder has joined forces with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and launched a trailblazing campaign to protect hedgehogs and other endangered creatures at locations across the country. In an industry-first initiative, Bovis Homes, part of the newly-formed Vistry Group, will install hedgehog highways to its existing developments and all future sites wherever possible, as part of a campaign that will also help other small mammals, birds, frogs and insects. The housebuilder has also donated £5,000 to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) and teamed up with national project Hedgehog Street – a joint undertaking between BHPS and People’s Trust for Endangered Species – to further support their work.
Regional marketing manager, Louise Macrae, said: “We are proud to be the first housebuilder aiming to roll-out hedgehog highways as standard across current locations and our new developments, to help one of the nation’s favourite animals roam freely at night between gardens.”
“As part of our new sustainability steering group, protecting hedgehogs and the environment is at the forefront of what we want to achieve and we are delighted to join forces with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and take the lead in the housebuilding industry.”
“Connectivity is vital to allow hedgehogs to find enough food, mates and shelter. There are many simple measures we can all take to help their numbers recover and ensuring easy access to our gardens is a very important step.”
Bovis Homes is developing the highways – holes that are created at ground level in fencing and other barriers – which are designed to allow access between gardens and wilder areas, and marked with a plaque. It is also building hedgehog homes in green spaces. Hedgehogs walk more than a mile every night so need to move around freely between gardens. Literature will be provided for customers to inform them about the best way to help. People can encourage hedgehogs by putting a hedgehog home in their garden or a log pile, which provides natural food and shelter for hedgehogs. Ponds are also suitable if there is an escape route in the form of a ramp or a sloping edge. Hedgehogs can swim well but cannot escape steep, slippery-sided ponds.
Fay Vass, chief executive of BHPS, said: “We are delighted that Bovis Homes is making this important pledge to help our dwindling population of hedgehogs. Creating holes for hedgehogs in fences and walls is a simple step but it could have a huge impact on the amount of habitat available for hedgehogs following the development of a site.
“There are many small actions we can all take to help hedgehogs in our gardens and green spaces, and joined together those small actions can make a huge difference to a species under threat.”
Wildlife author and ecologist Hugh Warwick added that the “built environment” could help hedgehogs recover, if developments were built with wildlife in mind, and that Bovis Homes’ hedgehog highways were a “crucial” contribution. Sign the petition, using the link below, to get government to insist upon hedgehog highways in new builds: https://www.change.org/p/help-save-britain-s-hedgehogs-with-hedgehog-highways