Help hedgehogs this Christmas with perfect prickly presents!

You’re invited to give something back to British wildlife this year – as you do your Christmas shopping.

The official BHPS online shop sells an array of hedgehog-themed goods and puts all its profits back into supporting the BHPS’ important conservation work with hedgehogs – so this Christmas, you can give something back to wildlife!

Fay Vass, CEO of BHPS, said: “We know a lot of us are feeling the pinch this year – so we’ve put together a gift guide with some budget-friendly gift ideas, which will also help support hedgehogs across the UK. From our famous calendar, to mugs, eco-friendly coasters, toys and books for the kids, there’s a gift for every hedgehog-fan out there, plus a collection of hedgehoggy Christmas cards!

“Hedgehogs are in sharp decline and it’s more important than ever that help protect their welfare and habitats – and supporting our work while you shop is a great place to start.”

These 10 stocking-stuffers all come in at less than £10 each before postage:

  1. BHPS calendar (£6.95) – Get organised with this 2024 calendar, packed with photographs sent in from BHPS supporters, rehabilitators and members of the public. It comes with Hedgehog Awareness Week in May clearly marked!
  2. Merry (£6.95) – The perfect prickly pal to join you on Christmas morning – this soft plush toy from Aurora will be loved by kids and adults alike.
  3. Hedgehog mug (£7.50) – Curl up for a cosy brew with this porcelain mug featuring a Pollyanna Pickering design.
  4. BHPS eco coaster (£6.95 or £12.00 for two) – Show your support for BHPS with this rustic coaster made in Wales using weathered oak fence posts from local farms.
  5. Hedgehog bookmark (£1.95) – A great gift for the bookworm in your life – make sure they never lose their place in their paperback again!
  6. The Hedgehog Book by Hugh Warwick (£9.99) – From the compact accessible Nature Books series, this clever, colourful book is packed with photos and will appeal to all ages!
  7. Trolley coin (£1.35) – Add this useful trinket to your keys or bag, and never be without the right coin for a trolley again! Featuring details for how to contact BHPS, it’s a useful reminder to #ThinkHedgehog when you’re out and about too.
  8. Hedgehog note cards (£1.50) – Stay in touch and share the cuteness with this pack of five notecards and envelopes.
  9. Little Mouse’s New Friend (£5.99) – The perfect story for little ones starting school or going back to school after a long break, this story book is about making friends and being yourself.
  10. Hedgehog Highway sign (£3.00 or £5.00 for two) – Mark your hedgehog-friendly gap in your fence with a Hedgehog Street sign, made of recycled green plastic with pre-drilled holes. One of the best things you can do to encourage and help ‘hogs in your garden, a Hedgehog Highway (a 13cm square gap) with a sign will help ensure ‘hogs can roam and forage across multiple gardens and green spaces.

All these items and more are for sale in the BHPS online shop.