Help hedgehogs as they hibernate!

It’s the time of year that wild hedgehogs are heading into their hibernation period– but it doesn’t mean they don’t still need our help!

Hedgehogs are pretty immobile during hibernation, so they are very vulnerable. They often make their winter nests under hedges and roots of trees, in piles of wood, inside compost heaps or underneath sheds. This means they can easily be disturbed which can cause them serious harm!

We want you to design a garden sign warning people to be aware of hibernating hedgehogs – especially while gardening!

It could be drawn, painted, made of collage, designed on a computer, or something else – but try to include some of this advice:

Don’t disturb hibernating ‘hogs when you are:

  • Tidying up garden rubbish, leaves and plant cuttings
  • Repairing or tidying sheds and outbuildings
  • Turning your compost heap
  • Moving or restacking log piles

If you do accidentally disturb a hibernating hedgehog:

  • Replace the nesting materials so the hedgehog can repair the nest or build another elsewhere.
  • Offer a dish of food and some water in the garden but away from the nest site so it does not to attract predators. Do this for at least a few nights so that if you have woken the hedgehog, it will have easy access to food to replenish the fat supplies it used up by having to wake.

If you find one in need of help, please visit for vital first aid advice then call your local independent hedgehog rescue as soon as possible or if you don’t know of one, call BHPS on 01584 890 801.

Send us your designs by 19 January 2024 and we’ll share our favourites!

You can email a scan of your poster to or post it to us at: Hedgehog House, Dhustone, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 3PL 

Entrants must be aged between 0-17 years.

A hedgehog-themed prize will be awarded to the winner, announced at the end of January 2024!

Good luck!