“Beneath the wrinkled branches of an ancient oak tree leans an old derelict shed. But for one family, it’s the perfect home…”

© BHPS/Liquona

Hedgehog populations in the UK are in serious decline – and as they’re a great indicator species, if they are not coping well, it should ring alarm bells for other species, including humans!

We’ve created a new animated film series to help spread the word about all the things we can do to help them not only survive in the wild but to thrive.

Created with production company Liquona and narrated by environmentalist Chris Packham, The Littlest Hoglet follows the misadventures of a young hedgehog who accidentally teaches us how to make our gardens safer, more welcoming spaces for wildlife like hedgehogs.

Each bitesize, one-minute-long episode carries an action with hedgehog welfare in mind – perfect for sharing on social media, or as part of a lesson plan or assembly.

Be inspired to make Britain hedgehog-friendly and help the littlest hoglets in your own neighbourhood!

Episode 1 – Building a hedgehog highway

Episode 2 – The steep sided pond

Episode 3 – The log pile

Episode 4 – The free meal

Episode 5 – The close shave